China Mobile, Huawei, and Intel complete 5G interoperability test

US chipmaker Intel has announced the completion of 5G interoperability testing with telco giant China Mobile and equipment maker Huawei.

The 5G interoperability and development testing (IODT) was in compliance with the latest 3GPP Release-15 standard.

Asha Keddy, VP and GM of Next Generation and Standards at Intel, says:

“As we work to accelerate 5G commercialization after the finalization of the 3GPP 5G R15 standard, Intel has been actively partnering with leading companies in 5G NR trials in preparation for the availability of Intel’s XMM™8000 series of 5G commercial multi-mode chipsets in commercial devices in 2019.

China will be an early leader in 5G, and Intel’s collaboration with China Mobile and Huawei will help accelerate the future of 5G, with end-to-end solutions from the network, to the cloud, to the client.”

The first commercial 5G networks are expected to go live later this year along with the first batch of compatible smartphones.

Huang Yuhong, VP of China Mobile Research Institute, said:

“The success of this interoperability test can provide more kinds of terminals for the follow-up China Mobile’s 5G scale test, and also providing a large-scale verification of 5G.

China Mobile will launch the first pre-commercial terminals in 2019, which will play an important role in such areas as mobile broadband, industry video, and smart manufacturing.”

Interoperability testing is essential before 5G networking equipment can be commercialised, so today’s completion announcement is a step towards that goal.

Yang Chaobin, President of Huawei 5G product line, comments:

“3GPP 5G NR based interoperability testing will further promote the commercial process of 5G.

Huawei will actively work with operators and industry partners to promote the maturity of China’s 5G industry and help operators to obtain 5G business success.”

With the Massive MIMO configuration integrated into the base station test setup and Intel 2T4R terminal, the data transfer rate is expected to reach 1.5Gbps – which can support 8K video, and VR services.

China Mobile announced earlier this year that it plans to build “the world’s largest” 5G trial network. The operator will start 5G trials in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Suzhou, and Wuhan this year.

What are your thoughts on the partners’ interoperability test? Let us know in the comments.

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