InCoax partners with Infra-Com Swiss for In:xtnd deployment

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InCoax has entered into a partnership agreement with Swiss systems integrator Infra-Com Swiss, for the deployment of InCoax’s Multimedia over Coaxial Access ( MoCA) 2.5-based product. In:xtnd, which InCoax launched at AngaCom earlier this year, is aimed at cable MSOs, fibre-optic ISPs/network builders, telco’s and mobile operators, as well as systems integrators/resellers targeting the hospitality sector. In:xtnd, which offers  2.5 Gbps net throughput, can coexist with DOCSIS while, it is claimed, offering a far greater cost/performance benefit than DOCSIS 3.1.

“Apart from working directly with cable operator customers, we have now entered into a partnership with the leading system integrator in Switzerland, Infra-Com Swiss,” says Peter Carlsson, CEO of InCoax. “They have a well-developed reach among cable operators as well as the hospitality market.”

Infra-Com Swiss is a technical service provider and system integrator with 30 years of operator market experience, which offers services such as planning, realisation and operation of modern broadband networks at all levels.

According to Analysys Mason, a global consultancy and research firm specialising in telecoms, media and technology, the Swiss market has approximately 2.3 million apartments, of which 1.2 million have active subscriptions over coax, and the estimated potential addressable market for MoCA based solutions such as In:xtnd, is 1.0 million apartments.

“There is growing demand from people living in apartment blocks across Europe, Asia and the Americas for access to gigabit broadband speeds. It is expensive for providers to implement fibre or upgrade DOCSIS to meet this demand, while alternative technologies such as do not yield the required speeds or QoS. Because In:xtnd uses the existing in-building coax, cable MSOs and broadband providers now have access to  a universal fibre extension solution that offers a viable alternative to fibre to the apartment and DOCSIS 3.1  at a very competitive price point,” says Carlsson.

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