MicroCare to launch new FTTA and FTTH cleaning kits

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Cleaning, coating and lubrication company MicroCare Corporation is launching its new ‘Sticklers’ Fibre To The Antenna (FTTA) and Fibre To The Home (FTTH) cleaning kits at the BICSI Fall Conference & Exhibition held in Texas and ECOC in Rome in September.

The FTTA kit contains enough materials to clean more than 1,500 1.25mm ODC and LC connectors, with the FTTH kit able to clean over 1,800 SC, FC, ST and E2000 connectors. Each kit gives installers one-stop access to a full-line of high-quality fibre cleaning products engineered to clean multiple connector types and sizes, as well as bare fibre.

The kits contain all the necessary equipment to ensure fibre optic connectors and splices are kept spotlessly clean. They include non-flammable, non-toxic and globally GHS compliant cleaning fluid packaged in a hermetically sealed container for easy shipping.

MicroCare says that by compiling the kits specifically for those in the FTTA and FTTH industries, it saves time and money by ensuring that the installers and service technicians have the right combination of cleaning products available at the job site, thus avoiding expensive repair visits.

Also, recently introduced, and featuring at the forthcoming exhibitions, is the CleanClicker 400, a miniaturised end-face cleaning tool which works seamlessly to clean LC, MU, ODC, ARINC801, and NECON connectors. Due to its small size, it fits easily into tight spaces for example data centres, central offices or cable head-ends.

For more information, visit www.sticklerscleaners.com.

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