KCOM Reveal Q4 2018 FTTP Broadband Rollout Plan for Hull UK


The incumbent ISP for Hull in East Yorkshire, KCOM, has today unveiled the next 11,100 premises and areas that will benefit from the on-going deployment of their Gigabit capable Lightstream pure fibre optic (FTTP) “ultrafast broadband” network.

At present KCOM are investing £85m to ensure that their new Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) network, which offers broadband download speeds of up to 400Mbps to local homes and 1Gbps (1000Mbps) to businesses, can cover 96% of their addressable network area by March 2019 or 200,000+ premises (the remaining 4% will gain 75Mbps capable FTTC / VDSL2).

So far we believe that the operator has already expanded this Lightstream service to cover around 175,000 premises. Meanwhile the new roll-out phase looks set to add a further 7,000 premises in Bransholme by February 2019 (total of 9,500 at completion), as well as 3,300 premises in Boulevard during November 2018 and 800 premises in Orchard Park by the end of 2018.

Cathy Phillips, KCOM’s Chief Marketing Officer, said:

“I’m delighted we’re now bringing Lightstream to thousands of homes in Bransholme as we near the end of our journey to give Hull and East Yorkshire the truly world-class full fibre broadband network it deserves.

We are now in the final phase of our six-year programme to connect Hull and East Yorkshire to one of the fastest broadband networks in Europe and this is already bringing huge benefits to homes and businesses across the region.

I know parts of Bransholme have waited longer than other areas for the arrival of Lightstream and I would like to thank all our customers there for their patience and understanding.

It is a huge undertaking – both engineering and financially – to deploy full fibre across our whole network but I can promise that it will be worth the wait with faster and more reliable broadband than anywhere else in the UK.”

By our reckoning this will still leave one final deployment phase that is yet to be announced, which is likely to cover the first quarter of 2019 and will probably add another 14,000 or so premises to help reach the expected coverage level. So far the project has kept to a steady pace but we wouldn’t be surprised if the final phase takes slightly longer than expected, particularly as it enters some of the more challenging areas.

Streets that can order Lightstream:


Week commencing 1 October

Deerhurst Grove

Bisley Grove

Cheriton Close

Sandford Close

Ashworthy Close

Cookbury Close

Week commencing 29 October

St James Close, Astral Way

Kestrel Avenue

Dorchester Road

Blandford Close

Madron Close

Bodmin Road

Dulverton Close

Davidstow Close

Kingscott Close

Grantham Avenue

Sedgebrook Grove

Week commencing 9 December

Noddle Hill Way

Upavon Garth

Scampton Garth

Patrington Garth

Yeadon Garth

Wickenby Garth

Biggin Avenue

Midmere Avenue

Newlyn Close

Leadhills Way

Whisperwood Way

Wawne Road

Mullion Close

Truro Close

Sheldon Close

Snowden Way

Welshpool Close

Lothian Way

Ladyside Close

Whitehope Close

Moorfoot Close

Grampian Way

Lothian Way

Borthwick Close

Crosswood Close

Bransholme Centre, Goodhart Road


Week commencing 26 November

Linnaeus Street

Walker Street

St Lukes Street

Porter Street

Eastbourne Street

St Georges Road

Saner Street

Dairycoates Avenue

Sapphire Grove

Orchard Park

Week commencing 17 December

Cladshaw, Dringshaw

Ashton Close

Courtland Road

Danepark Road




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