Sky Mobile UK Launch Unlimited Video Streaming with Sky Watch


Customers of Sky’s (Sky Broadband, Sky TV etc.) 4G mobile plans can already benefit from things like like data roll-over (unused data is saved for future usage or cashed in) and now they’ve upgraded their Sky Watch feature to add unlimited video streaming via any Sky app (i.e. without using up your mobile data allowance).

In other words users of Sky Mobile will be able to stream as much TV, Sport or Movie content as they like while using either the Sky Go, Sky Kids, Sky Sports or Sky Cinema app on their Smartphones. Previously the Sky Watch feature only allowed customers to download shows to their mobile in order to watch then off-line with Sky Go Extra.

Sky Watch is available to all Sky Mobile customers, although what you can access will of course depend upon whether you have a Sky TV subscription. However it’s worth noting that Sky News allows even non-Sky TV customers to stream news content/video without using up their data. Otherwise Sky Watch is available on all of the Sky Mobile plans.

Sophia Ahmad, Director of Sky Mobile, said:

“We launched Sky Mobile to connect our customers to more of what they love. Streaming films and TV shows on-the-go is now one of the most popular ways to pass time while travelling or commuting – and our new Watch offer makes it easier for our customers to stay up to date with the unmissable must-watch television, from Game of Thrones to F1 races, that we know our customers love.”

The Sky Mobile plans are based off a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) platform provided by O2 UK.

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