EE UK Launch Lifetime Smartphone Warranty and Swappable Benefits

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Mobile operator EE (BT) has today launched a new range of “Smart” 4G plans for Pay Monthly customers that come with the UK’s first “swappable benefits” (comprised of the Video Pass, Music Pass, access to the BT Sport app and Extended roaming), as well as the first “lifetime smartphone warranty” from a network.

The new Smart Plans start off by being very similar to ordinary mobile plans with the usual mix of unlimited voice and text calls, as well as various data allowances for mobile broadband via the “UK’s fastest 4G speeds.” But where they differ is with the introduction of ‘Swappable Benefits‘, which simply represents a choice of paid add-ons that can be swapped as your needs change (NOTE: SIM Only plans don’t include any benefits by default).

All Smart Plan customers (i.e. when you take a plan + handset) will get access to at least one Swappable Benefit and customers can also choose to purchase any of the benefits as an extra monthly addition should they so wish. Swappable Benefits can be selected by customers and swapped on the My EE app or by visiting ‘My EE‘ online. These are on top of EE’s existing discounts (e.g. 6 months free Amazon Prime Video, MTV Play and Apple Music as well as 3 months free BT Sport).

Swappable Benefits At Launch

EE Music Data Pass (+£7.99 monthly) – A music centric data pass which ensures that customers can stream as much music as they want and their mobile data isn’t impacted when they’re streaming Apple Music, Deezer and Tidal.

EE Video Data Pass (+£8.99 monthly) – This benefit allows customers to stream and download their favourite shows to their hearts’ content without impacting their data allowance when they’re watching Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BT Sport, TV Player and MTV Play

BT Sport App (+£15 monthly) – Customers will have access to amazing on-demand and live sport such as the Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Gallagher Premiership Rugby, UFC and more

Roam Further Pass (+£10 monthly) – This gives customers access to their UK plan allowances in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand

Customers with Smart Plans and Essential Plans bought directly from EE can also benefit from brand new EE Service Packsat no extra charge,” which includes a so-called lifetime guarantee.

EE Service Packs

EE lifetime guarantee:
A customer’s device is covered against any manufacturer faults for the lifetime of their new contract, until they upgrade or leave, providing extended warranty protection, and repairs using authorised experts – all at no extra cost.

Annual device and account MOT:
Available to handset and Smart SIM customers, it ensures that their device is still at its best midway through their contract. Customers will be able to book an appointment at their local store and EE will give their device a thorough check up, polish and clean, as well as check for any apps or software that could help them make the most of their phone. An EE expert will also spend time reviewing the customer’s account(s) to make sure they are getting the best value. Customers will be provided with a full service report, just like with a real car MOT.

£10 off protective kit:
Also available to handset and select SIM only customers, they can keep their device at its best with £10 to spend on EE’s premium range of cases and screen protectors keeping their phones protected from life’s bumps and scrapes.

One downside of all these different approaches that mobile operators seem to be taking is that it has become increasingly difficult for consumers to make a simple comparison between the various different options and network operators. The market for consumer mobile services is today much more complicated than it once was and simply figuring out all of the various promotions takes a lot of time, even for us.

Edward Goff, EE’s Marketing Director, said:

“Our new plans offer customers a more personal, flexible smartphone experience. Only on EE Smart Plans can customers now receive an extended smartphone warranty, as well as an annual account and device MOT, with the option to upgrade to the latest smartphone whenever they want.

EE Smart Plan customers also get to choose the benefits they receive as and when they want them, so they can take out the Video Data Pass when they fancy a boxset binge and simply swap it out for the Roam Further Pass if they’re off to the US on holiday. EE Smart Plans offer the best 4G experience for our customers and will be the foundation for our 5G plans which we’ll launch this summer.”

Interestingly EE says their new Smart Plans will also form the “foundation” of their 5G plans, which are due to launch this summer.

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