EE’s UK Fixed Home Broadband ISP Customers Face Price Rise

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Mobile operator and UK ISP EE has begun contacting existing customers of their fixed line home broadband and phone packages in order to inform them of a price hike, which will see some but not all of their related packages increasing by an “average” of +£2 extra per month.

At present the details are very thin, although we understand that the changes will be introduced from 26th June 2019 and at present they only seem likely to impact those who joined EE’s fixed line broadband and phone packages before 29th February 2019.

Ofcom’s rule against mid-contract price hikes suggests that those affect should be able to exit their contract penalty free, provided you notify EE of your intent within 30 days of receiving the official notification.

A Spokesperson for EE said:

“We’re contacting some of our home broadband customers to let them know about changes we’re making to the cost of their plan which will take effect from 26 June. Many of our customers will see no change at all, and the average increase for plans that are changing is £2 per month.”

As we said on the TalkTalk article before this, prices tend to rise because ISPs are frequently adding all sorts of new services, developing new systems and consumers are also gobbling significantly more data every year. Suffice to say that service improvements and rising demand cost money and thus customers will always end up paying more.

Providers are also under pressure to adopt lots of new rules, such as having to cater for the expensive new system of automatic compensation (here) and Ofcom’s revised broadband speed code of practice (here). Remember that most of the major ISPs will also be raising their prices just like clockwork, except BT as they’ve decided upon a different strategy for this year (here).

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