Sky UK Rebrand ISP Packages and Unveil Ultrafast Broadband Plans

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UK ISP Sky Broadband (Comcast) are today expected to rebrand their existing range of ADSL2+ and FTTC based broadband and phone packages. On top of that they’ll be introducing some new add-ons and the information suggests that they’re preparing to launch three new “ultrafast broadband” plans (150Mbps upwards).

At present Sky sells two primary packages to consumers (although some others also exist under the hood), Sky Broadband Unlimited (11Mbps – ADSL2+) and Sky Fibre Max (59Mbps – FTTC / VDSL2+). Some other packages do also exist under the hood, but these two are the ones that Sky Broadband tends to widely promote.

However the forthcoming arrival of Sky’s new “Ultrafast” (100Mbps+) speed plans, which as we’ve previously reported will make use of FTTP and possibly also technology via Openreach’s (BT) national network (here and here), means that the ISP needs to refresh their line-up and we now know what this will look like.

Firstly, Sky Broadband’s entry-level Sky Broadband Unlimited (ADSL2+) service will be rebranded to Sky Broadband Essential, while Sky Fibre Max is to become Sky Broadband Superfast (both 40Mbps and 80Mbps FTTC tiers will be sold under this title) and finally we’re going to get the new Sky Broadband Ultrafast plans (three FTTP / tiers under this including 160Mbps, 330Mbps and 1Gbps).

NOTE: At the time of writing we haven’t been given any details about the new Ultrafast plans, so this may just be a soft launch today. We’ll know more later.


Plus, for an additional +£2.50 per month customers will now be able to add Sky Broadband Boost and this will add the following features (see below). One rather curious catch with this is that at launch Sky will auto-add the Boost to all their broadband packages (e.g. initial prices will be £22.50 for Essential and £29.50 for Superfast), which we assume means only new and not existing customers (checking now).

Sky have said they are working to remove auto-adding of Boost and will update once this work has been completed. Quite why they don’t just wait to do the launch until their system can handle it properly, we don’t know.

Sky Broadband Boost Features (+£2.50)

Broadband Buddy – Customers can manage their family’s screen time in & out of their home via the Sky Buddy app; even “pause the internet” (may explain their recent DNS shenanigans).

Proactive Service – Sky will find & fix broadband issues so customers don’t have to.

Premium Service Visits – Flexible engineer visits to suit customers; even evenings or weekends.

Mobile Data for outages – If broadband cuts out, Sky will put 2GB in the customer’s Sky Mobile account free of charge.

Finally, there’s also a new Sky Broadband WiFi Optimisation service being launched (costing either £120 per year or £12 per month). When taking this a Sky Tech Team expert will visit the customer’s home, to adjust the configuration of the Sky equipment and provide any additional equipment needed to ensure excellent WiFi in every corner of their home.

At the time of writing we’re still missing some of the key details but hopefully those will become clearer soon. In particular we’ll be keen to know whether Sky’s new ultrafast plans are all going live later today or if this is just a soft / partial launch and the ultrafast packages themselves may follow later (previously we understood their FTTP packages would launch during H2 2019, with going live first).

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