New Boss, New Image – BT Ponder Brand Refresh with New UK Logo

bt 2016 2019 original logo trademark

Telecoms and broadband ISP giant BT Group are understood to be considering a change of logo today, which our sources suggest will be based upon the one they originally trademarked all the way back in 2016 (pictured), except the new version will be mainly white and may have a glow around it.

The trademark proposal for BT’s original redesign in 2016 can be seen here and a colourised version was also produced here, although the latter was later withdrawn. At the time we assumed that BT had chosen not to adopt the logo during 2016/17 because they had much bigger things to focus upon with Ofcom’s Strategic Review and the change to Openreach’s independence focused re-branding.

However this week our sources have indicated that BT’s new CEO, Philip Jansen, may be set to return to their plans for a brand refresh (possibly being decided as part of a meeting taking place today), albeit with some tweaks to the originally proposed logo (as described top). We also did another search of the trademarks database and found that BT had yesterday submitted a virtually identical one to their 2016 design (here).

Big companies have a tendency to go through periodic branding refreshes, which are frequently timed to reflect big changes in leadership and / or strategy. BT’s recent CEO change, as well as any related restructuring and their move to ramp-up the UK deployment of Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) ultrafast broadband technology (here), could well qualify.

By the sounds of it the new logo may also give a nod to BT’s first design from many years ago (designed to symbolise a telegraph pole), which also featured a single circle (see below – far left side). Not big news, just interesting. At the time of writing we don’t yet know when the final design will be unveiled to the public.

bt logo history

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