B4RN Supporters and BT Director Scoop Queen’s Birthday Honours

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The annual Queen’s Birthday Honours (2019) was recently published and we’re pleased to report that a number of figures within the United Kingdom’s broadband and telecoms sector scooped up an Order of the British Empire, including among them supporters of B4RN’s rural FTTH broadband network and a BT Director.

The honours system is designed to recognise people who have made achievements in public life and or committed themselves to serving and benefiting Britain, such as by helping to make the lives of other people or communities better. Proposed awards are chosen by the honours committee and their decisions go to the Prime Minister and then to the Queen, who awards the honour.

In total some 1,073 people have received an award this year and several of them are connected to the telecoms and broadband industry (hopefully we caught them all as the official list isn’t particularly descriptive).

Members of the Order of the British Empire

Elizabeth Alana WILLIAMS
Director, Digital Society, BT. For services to Digital Literacy and Social Inclusion

Officers of the Order of the British Empire

Andrew Paul FERGUSON
For services to the Economy and Broadband Services in the UK (Thinkbroadband)

Medallist of the Order of the British Empire

Dr Leonard Arthur ROBINSON
For voluntary service to the community in South Cumbria

George Martyn WELCH
For voluntary service to the community in South Cumbria

NOTE: According to B4RN, “Martyn and Arthur are part of a team also known as ‘Dad’s Army’ or B4SW. Their work over the last few years has enabled hundreds of rural people in their area to join the B4RN network and reap the benefits.”

Congrats to all who received an award, excellent work.

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