BBC iPlayer and YouTube Added to EE’s 4G and 5G Video Data Pass

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Mobile operator EE has announced that their Video Data Pass add-on, which allows UK customers of their 4G and 5G based mobile broadband network to stream online video without it reducing their monthly data allowance, has now added support for both the BBC’s iPlayer service and YouTube.

The Video Data Pass, which only launched a few months ago, costs an additional £8.99 per month and for that you’ll now be able to stream internet video content from Netflix, Amazon (Prime Video), BT Sport, MTV Play, iPlayer (BBC), YouTube and TVPlayer without impacting on your data allowance (only available on Pay Monthly plans, although it can optionally be added at no extra cost as a swappable benefit on their new “Smart Plans“).

The pass is available on a 30-day (monthly) rolling contract term (text VIDEO to 150 in order to get it) and it should also work while roaming around other EU countries. One caveat here is that it doesn’t cover data that’s required for things like accessing or browsing the content provider’s app or for any adverts and images within the app (an additional 200MB of data is supplied to help cover such things).

Remember, you will still need a separate subscription for each of the video streaming services in order to access their content. All the pass does is stop the video content from consuming your mobile data allowance.

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