Pictured – UK ISP Sky Broadband’s New SR203 Wireless Hub Router

sky_broadband q hub 2 top angled

Customers taking part in Sky Broadband’s new SOGEA product trial are also being provided with a new router (SR203), which is probably the long awaited successor to their current Sky Q Hub (ER110) device and will most likely be shipped alongside future G.fast and FTTP based “ultrafast broadband” packages (possibly FTTC).

Sky first confirmed that they were developing a new router last year but they’ve refused to say anything more since then, although we’ve long assumed that it would surface alongside their future Openreach based Sky Ultrafast Broadband packages (currently expected to arrive around the very end of 2019).

Not long ago we became aware that Sky had started shipping a new router alongside their Single Order Generic Ethernet Access (SOGEA) product trial. For those who aren’t familiar with SOGEA, this is the new Openreach product that allows copper and hybrid fibre connections to be sold as broadband-only services (i.e. no analogue phone / voice product), although you can still optionally add a phone service later via VoIP.

The good news is that we now know a little more about what could soon become the Sky Q Hub 2 (at present it’s just called the SkyBroadband Hub), thanks to a leak of some new details into our inbox. At this stage the information is limited but the new router is of a similar size to the current Sky Q Hub, albeit with 4 x Gigabit LAN ports (the Q Hub only had two) – one of which is for WAN – and 2 x Telephone ports (almost certainly an ATA for VoIP connection via older analogue handsets).

sky broadband q hub 2 backside

The eagle eyed among you will no doubt spot that one of the two phone ports is marked for use in Italy and Ireland, which suggests that Sky will probably be using the same kit across their various other outlets. Indeed we’ve heard that some users on their 1Gbps package in Ireland have received a router with a similar model code (SR200), although this one seems to be an update of that and the final design may yet change.

A little bit of anecdotal testing suggests that its WiFi performance could be at least comparable to the BT Smart Hub 1/2, although our industry sources have previously indicated to us that Sky were aiming to be a lot faster than that. Naturally it would take some much more rigorous testing in order to establish how fast the new router can really go. We may have some more details later.

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