ISP Giganet Launch 1Gbps Burstable Full Fibre Ethernet for £149


Hampshire-based UK business ISP Giganet has today launched their own take on Cityfibre’s new Flex Ethernet product, which for £149 +vat per month will give you a guaranteed rate of 200Mbps (symmetric) that can burst to 1Gbps “on-demand” and with “zero additional charges” (provided there’s enough spare capacity).

The catch here is that the price is a limited introductory rate, which only applies when taken alongside one of the Government’s Gigabit Connection Vouchers (here) on a 36 month term. Otherwise the normal monthly price without a voucher is £229. A “free” install is offered for those who take the voucher offer but this assumes your business is within reach of Cityfibre’s Dark Fibre network (extra build costs may apply for those further away).

NOTE: Cityfibre’s network is present in parts of over 50 UK cities.

The service itself also comes with Giganet’s new Juniper SXR300 managed router (inc. managed backup and failover capability) and is backed by 99.9% uptime guarantee, as well as 24×7 support and a 5 hour SLA from its engineers. Businesses can run an instant availability check on the Giganet website to see if they’re able to receive the new service.

Matthew Skipsey, Technical Director & Head of Giganet, said:

“The CityFibre ELITE 200-1000 Flex service truly is game-changing for businesses. It means SMEs don’t have to come to a halt or comprise on quality if they experience a period of high bandwidth demand. Over the guaranteed 200Mb/s connection, they can burst up to the full 1Gb/s as and when they need, without contacting us or additional cost.

We’re extremely proud to grow our partnership with CityFibre and pioneer faster, more reliable and future-proofed full-fibre connectivity for growing businesses across the UK.”

One other thing to note is that their offer is only available to the first 20 customers who order before 30th September 2019. Not many but then this is a fibre optic business connection and not a mass market consumer package.

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