Full Fibre UK ISP Hyperoptic Has a Hidden 500Mbps Package

hyperoptic fttp fttb wall install (Twitter)

City focused full fibre broadband ISP Hyperoptic, which currently claims to cover 500,000 UK premises and hopes to reach 2 million by the end of 2021 (aspiration for 5 million by 2024), appears to have quietly introduced a new 500Mbps package but it only shows up for certain areas / buildings.

The provider’s Gigabit capable FTTP / FTTB network is currently available to parts of around 39 UK “Hyper Cities” (planned to reach 50 this year) and their service is usually installed inside large residential apartment buildings (e.g. Multi-Dwelling Units with at least 50 units / flats each) or big office blocks.

Until now the ISP has tended to only offer three packages to the public at different broadband speeds, which includes options at 30Mbps (1Mbps upload), 150Mbps and 900Mbps+. All bar the 30Mbps tier offer symmetric speeds (i.e. the same speed for both downloads and uploads). On top of that some apartment blocks are also offered a special bespoke free package.

However one of our readers (credits Jonny) has spotted that Hyperoptic are quietly offering a 500Mbps plan too, which at present only seems to show up when checking against certain postcodes within their coverage. The package is priced at £35 per month for 12 months (£43 thereafter) for a broadband-only service on a 12 month term and you can add +£3 per month if you want a phone service (free install and activation is included).

At present this seemingly new, albeit hidden, package is NOT yet available on their monthly (1 month) rolling contract packages and we can only hope that they make it more widely available in the near future. After confirming that the 500Mbps plan existed we shot off an email to Hyperoptic in the hope of some clarification and will report back later to update.

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